about me

im Kayley // 15

i enjoy good art and plants

instagram : @ka.yley


instagram- @ka.yley

snapchat- pls ask off anon!!

where are you from?- South Carolina,USA

will u check out my blog?- ofc but must b following me ^.^

how old are you- 15

answer advice questions?- yes ill try my v best but im just a dum lil girl so don't b mad if I ruin your life(also im not a doctor)


my name is Kayley & im 15 years old

I live in sunny South Carolina, USA

my birthday is July 17th

I love art, im not vgood at it but im getting better I hope to do something in arts&humanities when I get a job later in my life

if there is anything you'd ever like to know, send me a message i'd be more than happy to answer

BUT REALLY seNd me an ask I love to hear from you angels

love BUbble baths n art class!!!!


Amanda Jasnowski


Armand Vanderlick (Belgian, 1897 - 1985)Woman at orange dress (Femme à la robe orange), 1944


Armand Vanderlick (Belgian, 1897 - 1985)

Woman at orange dress (Femme à la robe orange), 1944

Miranda Lehman


giveaway time!!

I’m moving and just trying to throw out some clutter, figured you guys would want some?

giveaway rules:

-mbf me
-reblogs only, likes can bookmark
-if you promo my URL on your blog I’ll enter you multiple times
-ends Oct 31, I’ll message the winner at midnight EST
-winner is random
-enter as much as u want don’t spam tho
-no giveaway/side blogs (do ppl really do this?)
-50 notes or I’ll pretend it didn’t happen
-don’t delete text please and thank u

-if you live near me I’ll throw in some succulents- I just don’t want them to die while being shipped so yeah
I’ll ship anywhere though


-wrapped quartz pendants, one 5 inch agate slice, some mini agate slices, amethyst, geodes, citrine, bloodstone jar
-various necklaces
-Olympus camera… doesn’t have film but it still works fine.
-vanilla incense, incense holder thingie
-“this is water” by David foster Wallace, which is my favorite book but I have 2 copies, “patterns in the sky” book
-the Beatles magical mystery tour collectible mug (unused)

I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.
— Natalie Portman (via quotethat)